ECOpure E-Liquid

ECOpure is manufactured in the UK using only pharmaceutical and food grade products purchased in the UK.
The liquid has been tested by a UK University and a report is available. The ECOpure e-liquid has been kept simple due to the requests from customers for a clean, pure liquid whose contents they can trust.
ECOpure contains NO Propylene Glycol and uses the fewest possible ingredients. ECOpure also delivers a big financial saving over traditional cigarettes.
ECOpure is available in 10ml bottles

                                            Regular    has a classic tobacco flavour which has been formulated to reproduce the taste and texture of our                                                             prefilled refills whilst maintaining its natural pure taste.
                                            Rich         has been produced for those requiring a fuller, more rounded tobacco taste for a truly                                                                                    satisfying 'smoking' experience.

                                             4.5% - (High)
                                             3% - (Medium)
                                             1.5% - (Low)
                                             Zero - (Zero)

                                             ECOpure e-liquid from Intellicig can be used to self-fill your e-cig refill capsules or XL tank capsules to deliver                                              even greater cost-savings.