The Mighty Atom battery measures just 61mm long. When attached to the vapour device this gives a total length of 95mm, which is about the same as a superking cigarette. We have squeezed as much power as possible into this little beauty so that you still have plenty of performance at full power.

All batteries feature a '10 second cut-off'. If the battery is activated for 10 seconds or more, the microprocessor will turn it off automatically to avoid overheating. It will then allow a few seconds for the vapour device to cool down fully before switching back to normal 'standby' mode.

Vapour Device

The Intellicig Electronic Cigarette Vapour Device is a consumable component as it is the part that is heated and cooled every time you use your Intellicig electronic cigarette.

It's always handy to have a spare for when yours eventually wears out. We offer our own Intellicig Warranty of 30 days against failure under normal use conditions although they do tend to last longer - the current record being 10 months with daily use!

USB Charger

This Intellicig USB battery charger allows you to charge your Genie or Mighty Atom battery from any USB outlet. You can use your computer USB port or any other USB output. Average charging time 2 hours.

Main Adapter

Use this Mains USB Adaptor to charge your Intellicig battery via your mains plug socket. Please note that the Intellicig USB charger is still required with the mains adaptor.

It can also be used to charge other devices which utilise a USB lead. The mains adaptors are available in EU formats compatible with the Egyptian sockets.

Car USB Adapter

Use this Car USB Adaptor to charge your Intellicig from your car or any 12V/24v accessory socket. This is used in combination with the Intellicig USB Charger.

Soft Carry Case

Our new soft, smooth leather effect & embossed Wallet Case keeps everything in one safe place, easily to hand wherever you go!

Holding 1 Battery, 1 Vapour device, 1 USB and 4 refill capsules, the ICC is great to keep your Intellicig clean and always ready to use.