About Us

Intellicig Is the First and most reliable Electronic cigarette in Egypt. With its UK origin and the Purest E-liquid (ECOpure) rest assure that you are having the best product and the best quality.

Intellicig-Egypt is a part of Eco Zeus inc. with our main aim to help people with their smoking habits and we do our best to achieve this.

Intellicig-Egypt was founded in march 2009 placing its goal ahead and starting working on it "We will Help YOU", Introducting the Electronic cigarette for the first time in Egypt as the pioneers in the field and we continued to be, we established a professional contact center to answer all your inquiries and questions and help you with all what they can. Backed up from our mother company Intellicig which is part of the CNC group a Bioscience company committed to the development of the next era of nicotine products designed to accelerate and enhance Smoking Harm Reduction. We offer the highest quality and best standards to our customers.

Intellicig is easly the Number one Electronic cigarette in the Egyptian Market and the Only company that offers it clients after sale service and care.