The concept of the Intellicig is brilliant. The ordering is very straight-forward with fast delivery. What I really like is the fact that the cigarette really resembles the "real thing" but without all the thousands of highly carcinogenic chemicals. I can now visit non-smoking friends without being banned to the garden. Having smoked about a packet of menthol cigarettes per day for many years ruining both health and wallet the Intellicig was an immediate success with me; looks good, tastes good and by God it does you good. Now I occasionally have an urge for a cigarette but usually find this so disgusting I cannot wait to stub it out. I find that quitting is so much easier even though Intellicig IS NOT MARKETED FOR THIS PURPOSE. It works for me because I can do so at my pace, no pressure and no fiddling with a white plastic "dummy" which does not resemble a cigarette. Well Done Intellicig - 5 Gold Stars.

Andy – West Yorkshire

Have just received my new e-cig, the EVOlution today (the day after I ordered!) and have been blown away...absolutely brilliant! I had big reservations about moving to the new design because I was so happy with the original intellicig, but it is a better ‘smoke’ in so many ways. The design is a little thinner and longer than the original intellicig making it more closely resemble a king-sized cigarette. It seems to smoke much more like a real cigarette with *much* more vapour produced, and best of all, the cartridges seem to last much longer. All in all, I am very impressed with this new product and would recommend it to both new e-smokers and anyone thinking of upgrading, you will not regret it!! I also have to mention how pleased I am with the customer service at intellicig. It is so rare these days for a company to value their customers in the way that intellicig does. 10/10 for the EVOlution and 10/10 for customer service. Thanks guys!

Oliver, Durham

Just wanted to say thanks for your fantastic product. Everywhere I go people ask about it and all say they would stop buying cigarettes if they had one, as I have done. Just put my 3rd order through for another starter pack for another friend and several more are on the way.... perhaps I should be on commision? ha. Perhaps you could pay me in refill cartridges! Thanks again and look forward to doing business with you again soon.