What is ECOpure?

Intellicig ECOpure is our class-beating nicotine solution, which contains only four natural ingredients, and is made in the UK.
Our e-liquid is a cut above the rest. We only use the purest and highest quality ingredients, you receive the same satisfying experience every time.
What’s more, unlike others, we comprehensively test our ECOpure solution to ensure peace of mind and know exactly what you’re inhaling.

How is ECOpure different?

As the world’s number one supplier of E-liquid, at Intellicig, we are very proud of our ECOpure liquid, as it is manufactured and stringently tested in our UK laboratory located within the bioscience facility at the University of Manchester. This means our liquid has been kept clean, simple, and made with the fewest ingredients possible; making it an e-liquid brand you can trust! Our ECOpure liquid is manufactured to GMP standard and as a world leading e-liquid manufacturer we have continued to set the bench mark for the industry. Intellicig introduced Certificates of Analysis for every batch of ECOpure produced, and our chemists and technical engineers continue to push the boundaries in order to maintain our position as the cutting edge of product development.

Simplicity & high-quality

ECOpure contains no Propylene Glycol and uses the fewest possible ingredients it is also manufactured in the UK using only pharmaceutical and food grade products purchased in the UK. The liquid has been tested by a UK university and a report is available. The ECOpure e-liquid has been kept simple due to the requests from customers for a clean, pure liquid whose contents they can trust.

Continual innovation & improvement

Intellicig initiates change rather than being merely reactive. The company’s dedicated and passionate team is wholeheartedly committed to the foundation of providing a much cleaner, socially acceptable alternative to smoking. ECOpure continues to be an outstanding success, recognised to be the cleanest, purest e-liquid available in the world.