How long does the battery last? How long does it take to recharge it?

On average, the battery lasts for 150-200 inhalations per cycle charge. When the battery flashes 6 times, it is time to recharge it. It is recommended to charge the battery for 1-2 hours max.
This can be done:
On your laptop/computer or any other USB port.
Using the mains adapter.
In the car (in car cigarette lighter socket).
tip: Ensure the battery is completely empty before you charge it. This can prolong the life of your battery.

What is the vapour Device and how does it work?

The Battery provides a charge to the Vapour device which heats up the Nicotine solution (Ecopure E-liquid) inside the Refill Capsule.

Can I use a different colour of vapour device with my batteries?

Yes, all parts are interchangeable.

What is the lifetime of the refill capsules?

A 20 cigarette a day smoker, with average lung capacity, smoking in an average fashion, will use between 2 and 3 refills per day. A lot of competitors claim that their refills last anywhere between 20 and 200 cigarettes equivalent, however this is inaccurate-the amount of liquid in the refill will determine the number of inhalations available. An ECOpure pre-filled capsule is the equivalent of 6 cigarettes; (90-105 inhalations) a Cartomiser refill lasts 3 times longer than a normal refill, with the equivalent of 18-20 cigarettes, Self filled refills is equivalent of 8-10 cigarettes.

How do I use them?

Do I have to clean my devices?

Cleaning your devices is important, and should be done on a regular basis (about once a week or fortnightly, depending on use). Doing so allows the device to perform better and last longer. To clean the threads (battery, vaporiser, and USB charger), use kitchen paper in order to maintain good connections between the components.

Can I use my electronic cigarette indoors and public places?

As the e-liquid is vaporised, there is no burning or pollution. Only a water, glycerol and nicotine particulate vapour is exhaled. The smoking ban therefore does not apply. However, as courtesy, it is recommended that users ensure that the owners of any public premises are aware of the use of an electronic cigarette inside their venue.

What is ECOpure E-Liquid?

Ecopure is Intellicig's proprietary nicotine preparation, available in 3 flavours and 4 strengths.
Strengths – 0.0%, 1.5%, 3.0% and 4.5%
Flavour – Regular
Flavour – Menthol
Flavour – Rich

All Ecopure nicotine preparations are:
Manufactured within a Class D Clean Room to MHRA (Medicines Healthcare & products Regulatory Agency) audited cGMP standard (pharmaceutical grade manufacturing) ECOpure E-Liquid preparations are subjected to detailed testing designed to ensure the safety and quality to the end user.

These tests include:
Conducting Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy (GCMS)
Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy (LCMS)
High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
Each ECOpure batch is issued with a Certificates of Analysis issued. Samples from every batch are kept for a minimum 4 years. Every batch of ECOpure is inspected by a QP (Qualified Person) prior to release.

What ingredients are in ECOpure?

ECOpure liquids are manufactured using European Pharmacopeia grade ingredients. ECOpure Regular contains just 3 ingredients, Vegetable Glycerol ( as opposed to Propylene Glycol, an ingredient used by the majority of the e-cig industry) Water (for injection grade) and Pharmacopeia grade Nicotine. (from the same source as is used in 80% of traditional NRT) CNC ensures complete control of the production process, applying batch testing and allocating lot numbers. A sample of each batch is retained for a minimum of 4 years.

How do I refill my capsules?
When I fill my capsules they leak, how do I stop this from happening?

The problem is likely to be an overfilled capsule. Please see the above video for filling your refills correctly.

How many refill capsules will my ECOpure fill?

Each refill holds approximately 0.4ml of liquid.
A bottle of 10ml will give an average of 25 Refill Capsules

What flavours do we offer?

ECOpure Regular: The purest e-liquid with the fewest ingredients ECOpure Rich: A slightly nutty taste, the closest taste to traditional tobacco.

What Nicotime strengths are available?

Refills E-liquid
0 mg 0 %
5 mg 1.5 %
10 mg 3 %
15 mg 4.5 %